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The City of Gonzales

About one hundred years after shots were fired for Texas Independence. When sodas were less than fifty cents, the milk truck dropped off milk at your doorstep and cigars were reasonably priced. It was around this time period Aaron Brasfield Sr opened his auto repair shop.


A community where everyone knew you and on Sunday morning you could walk to church

For as long as I could remember, I worked in the garage. Filling the soda machine, putting tools away and sweeping the floor, there was always something to do. By the age of twelve I was towing vehicles and rebuilding engines.


Aaron Brasfield was a respected man liked by all

Some time ago - I was at an event in Houston, Texas

We were told the Army Reserve Commander was making rounds to each organization

He approached and while shaking my hand looked at my name tag and asked if I was related to Aaron Brasfield.

Early on the shop started as a place where you could by gas, groceries and get your vehicle repaired

(an old business card states) The Brasfield Brothers Body Shop - Wrecks Rebuilt - Painting - General Auto Repair - phone number 863 - New & Used Auto Repair - Gonzales, Texas - Aaron Brasfield - Louis Brasfield

William Ben Brasfield & Aubrey Cardell Brasfield

As a hobby William Ben would pass the time away Drag Racing Cars in San Antonio, Texas. As his racing days came to an end my uncle would keep the engine that won so many auto races. Using that engine from his old racing car - he put it in one of the tow trucks. We called it the “65 Wrecker” – A 1965 Ford. Two four barrel carburetors and exhaust headers. It was indeed the fastest tow truck around.