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Life's Experiences

"Life's experiences and the values we except help create our personality"

In 1835 Texas was a the Mexican State of Coahuila y Texas and it's residents were governed as citizens of Mexico. During October 1835 Mexican soldiers were sent to Gonzales, to retrieve a cannon that had been given to the settlers for use against the Native Americans. The settlers with few reinforcements, forces the Mexicans to retreat in an encounter ["Come and Take It"] that is considered the first battle of the revolution.

Aubrey Brasfield

Brasfield's Garage 1964


In 1835, the family purchased some of the first land granted to Texas from Mexico in 1872.

Throughout the 50's & 60's Aaron Brasfield Repair Shop was a place where one could get a honest vehicle repair.

In the seventies it became Brasfield's Garage with 24 Hours Wrecker/Tow Service.

Brasfield's Body Shop

For Over Forty Years

Wrecks Rebuilt - Painting

General Auto Repair

State Inspection Sticker

Front End Allignment

Engine and Transmission Repair/Overhaul

24 Hour Towing

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